Sunday Morning (9:30am)

S New Testament.png

New Testament Survey

Spencer Clark in the Auditorium

This class begins with 2 Peter and continues with the Johannine Epistles (1-3 John), Hebrews, and the Gospel of John. We will survey each book, examine major themes, and study individual verses when appropriate. The goal is for students to have a general knowledge of the content of each book.

S After First Principles.png

After First Principles

Dan Isenberg in the Fellowship Hall

No one achieves a point at which they know all about the word of God. We must strive continually to be better people, better Christians, better learners, and better doers of God's word. Topics include “being a doer of righteousness”, “putting on charity”, “controlling the tongue”, “being bold”, “bearing one another’s burdens”, “following Jesus’ steps”  and concluding  with “Rejoice in the Lord”.

Thinking Right.png

Thinking right about the Bible

Chuck Richardson in Room #6

This is an introductory course focused on God’s Word. We will learn the nature of God’s revelation in the Bible: how it was recorded, how the books became recognized as canonical, and how the Bible came to us in English. We will also apply basic principles of logic to gain more from our study of the Bible. This study will greatly edify new Christians or older Christians seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Wednesday Night (7:00 pm)

W Facing the Giants.png

Facing the Giants

Mickey Burleson in the Auditorium

This class will challenge us to look at a series of challenging “giants” in our lives and engage with those topics in Biblical way.  Classes will include discussions on fear, faith, family, friendships, freedom, fellowship, fun, and the future.

W Belief Alive.png

Belief Alive: A Study of James

Cindi Burleson in the Fellowship Hall

There are many in our world who claim to believe in Jesus. In the New Testament there are descriptions of belief that is dead and belief that is alive. We want to have a faith that is alive. Join us in the ladies class during the next two quarters as we study the book of James to discover what a living faith is like.

W Old Testament.png

Old Testament Survey

Ray Frederick in Room 6
The emphasis on this OT quarter will be on the Daniel and the Minor Prophets.  Each week will briefly survey the context and major theme(s) of one of these books. What can we learn about our God from the way he revealed Himself and His will through these men?