History of the Church

The church was founded in the year AD 33 in Jerusalem, the location of the crucifixion of Jesus.It was here that the first followers of Jesus received the Holy Spirit as promised by the Lord (Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:17-18).

Our congregation at Watterson Trail is a faithful continuation of that church. We are not a denomination so we do not derive our beliefs from creeds or councils nor from conferences or conventions, but only the Word of God as written in the Bible. Faithful shepherds lead the flock by holding fast to the teachings and words as given to us in the Bible (Acts 20:28).

Our beliefs and actions are tested by faith and sincerity, but above all true love for God and for people around us. We are not only defined by what we do.  Although many gain meaning for their lives by the excellence with which they do things.  It may be a job, hobby, or even doing good deeds.  As children of God, we are defined by our relationships with God and Jesus, one another and our community.  These relationships drive our actions and give our actions meaning.

In expressing who we are we need to see God as the Father who is loving, all knowing, and all powerful that gave his only Son so we could have the hope of eternal life.  We need to see Jesus as our Lord, teacher, and example who sacrificed his will and life to the Father’s will. We need to see each other and the surrounding world as precious enough for the Father to give his Son and for the Son to give his life.  The ability for us to see in this way is enabled by the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to join us in devotion to God and Jesus, as we worship in Spirit in truth with our hearts and voices, as people who are motivated by love for one another, and motivated for the world around us. We are a church committed to the Word of God as it stands and without speculation. The Bible is our guiding light.