Here are some additional information and resources that parents may find useful for parenting in the digital age.

Private v. Public Profiles

Many social media sites have the option of making a profile “public” where anyone can view and contact you or “private” which only allows people to see your posts, pictures, and videos once you allow them. One of the current issues with public profiles on Instagram is that often accounts which link to pornography sites (and contain sexually explicit photos on their account) will often follow or like your photos so that you will hopefully go to their site. Although technically this is against Instagram's policy, they are finding creative ways to avoid being moderated. I have blocked about 10 of these accounts since creating an Instagram account. For parents, I would encourage you to have your children under 18 set their profile to private and talk to them about whether anyone with accounts like this or other strangers have tried to follow and add them.



Instagram Porn

Speaking of Instagram, even though it has a “no nudity” policy, this doesn't stop pornography from being posted and then removed. One site called the Daily Dot (which is encouraging pornographic use of Instagram) has identified certain emojis or hashtags that can be used to locate the latest nude pictures before they are taken down.




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