Below is our current list of adult class offerings. We also offer classes for K-12 every Sunday and midweek.

Sunday Morning (9:30am)

DANIEL: Godly Living in an Ungodly World

Mickey Burleson in the Auditorium

Daniel, a member of God's chosen family, the Children of Israel, was taken from his home to live in Babylon among a people foreign in language, customs, culture, religion, and thinking.  And yet he held to his faith in God and to his identity as a child of God.  We can identify with Daniel because we too must remain Godly in an ungodly world.

James & Jude

Chuck Richardson in the Fellowship Hall

Consider the idea of “Christian growth” in these two epistles.  Both written by earthly half brothers of Jesus, these men grew from disbelief during the gospels to deep, mature faith as demonstrated in their epistles.  We will examine their growth and teaching from the text and reflect on our own growth as well.

Everything You Need (pt. 2)

Tricia Widner in Room 6

Everything you need? Managing relationships, balancing life's busyness, dealing with stress, battling life's outrageous expectations, scrounging for enough supply to meet the day's demands, finding a sense of peace? Yes, really! Dive deeper into the book by our 2017 Ladies Day Speaker Courtney Kendall Steed.