Below is our current list of adult class offerings. We also offer classes for K-12 every Sunday and midweek.

Sunday Morning (9:30am)

S New Testament.png

New Testament Survey

Spencer Clark in the Auditorium

This class picks up with Romans, Paul's most challenging and controversial letter. We will then study the Prison Epistles (Eph, Col, Phlm, Phil) and begin the Gospel of Matthew.

S Parables of Jesus.png

Parables of Jesus

Mickey Burleson in the Fellowship Hall

Jesus’s parables are some of his most perplexing teachings in the New Testament. What do they mean? Why do they matter? This class will study a selection of parables from the Gospels including the Parable of the Sower and the Vineyard parables.

W Ordinary Women.png

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives

Cindi Burleson in Room #6

Do you have a purpose for your life?  God has one for you.  Queen Esther is a great example of living God's purpose.  Ours may not be saving a nation of people, but...  Join the ladies class this quarter as we talk about being ordinary women living out an extraordinary purpose.

Wednesday Night (7:00 pm)


1 ON 1: Experiencing the Personal Jesus

Mickey Burleson in the Auditorium

Every encounter with Jesus in the Gospels is a lesson for us to learn from. Why did Jesus say what he said? How did the other person respond? What does it mean? This class will look at 13 encounters with Jesus including Satan himself and finishing with a grieving mother.


Keith Thomas in the Fellowship Hall

Heaven is a difficult concept for us to understand in this life. God has given us bits of information about it. What will it be like? Who will be there? What will we experience? We will answer many of these among others in anticipation of that eternal life beyond.

W Old Testament.png

Old Testament Survey

Ray Frederick in Room 6

The emphasis on this OT quarter will be Wisdom Literature and Psalms. We will look at the more poetic elements of the Old Testament and its long-lasting applicability for the church of today.