God has blessed us at Watterson Trail with a loving church family that is involved with the lives of young people. Scripture tells us that both family and church are involved with spiritual growth of young people (Deut 6:4–9; Titus 2:1–7). So as a church, we are able to support our families & youth to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey Christ (Matt 28:19–20). In conjunction with the Education Ministry, the Family and Youth Ministry engages the youth spiritually through Bible classes, an after school program, leadership development, regular devotionals, and other events and activities to prepare them to grow in Godliness and Christ-likeness towards being leaders in the church and the world.

For more information our Family and Youth Ministry, please contact us.


Family Resources

Activities and Events

  • Trail Afterschool Program — meets once a week at the building for students K-12.
  • Monthly Family/Youth Devos — occur in a variety of formats, topics, and locations. Our student leaders often take an active role in leading these devotionals.
  • Lads to Leaders —  a program that focuses on developing skills for leading in the local church.
  • Girls Ministry — we have a number of women in the congregation that are actively involved in the lives of many of our young people. They engage in mentoring and spiritual events to meet the needs of our girls.
  • Summer Camps — we support and attend a number of camps in the summer including Horizons at FHU and Rolling Hills Bible Camp.
  • Area Youth Events — including Commit Youth Rally and Live Righteous Youth Rally.