Sunday Morning (9:30am)



Lee Mivelaz in the Auditorium

Christians must know the life of Christ if we are to faithfully follow him.  Join us this quarter as we examine the Gospel of Mark and endeavor to know our Lord and Savior on a deeper level.

2nd Coming.gif

The Second Coming

Dan Isenberg in the Fellowship Hall

Most Christians recognize Christ is coming again.  Beyond that, there is a great deal of confusion in the world regarding when, how, and what it means.  In this class, we will examine relevant passages about The Second Coming and a number of common ideologies in the world today.

Wednesday Night (7:00 pm)


Life Lessons from Genesis

Chuck Richardson in the Auditorium

This class takes us back to “the beginning” where we will spend the quarter examining the first book of the Bible and seeking out meaningful application for our lives today.


The Old Testament Chain of Events

Pat Edison in the Fellowship Hall

[Ladies Class] The Old Testament covers a vast expanse of history, far away places, and events that can seem far removed from us today.  This class will make the OT less intimidating by organizing key events and information in a short survey.