An Unashamed Worker (2 Tim 2:15)

Those who are His are consistent. They are not two different people at home/work vs the church. Those Who are His are the same. They are workers who do not need to be ashamed.


We Do Not Need to Be Ashamed because...

1. We Come to Hear God's Word

Luke 6:46–49. Our desire is to live approved by Him and not be ashamed. 


2. We Worship Him with Our Lips and Heart

Mark 7:1–23. Some people attend church because it's a fad and go to churches because “everyone goes there” : the prestigious members of the community, the poor, and rich. Those Who Are His follow the Father not the fad, fun, or friends. God wants us to honor Him with our words and  our hearts (Mark 7:6).


3. Say What We Do and Do What We Say

1 John 5:1–7. Those Who Are His only speak of what they do and they do what they say. Ideals are meaningless unless practiced.


2. We Seek Only to Please Him

Gal 1:6–10; 1 John 3:22. God knows those who seek to please Him and they will not be ashamed.