Handling the Word Rightly (2 Tim 2:15)

Those who belong to God handle the Word accurately. 


Seek to Know and Understand It

  • We have to open the word of God to seek and know it. Those who belong to God seek to read and understand what God wants us to be and know. 
  • As the Psalmist says, those who meditate and engage God's word are rooted like a tree by God's stream of life-giving water (Psalm 1).
  • We renew our minds and test and discern the will of God by the word (Rom 12:1-2). 



Seek to Learn from It

  • Some people open the Bible to prove that their life and choices are ok. They read and twist until the Word supports their sinful life. Others open the Bible before they even act or make a choice — to see what God would have us do. 
  • The Ethiopian Eunuch was reading Isaiah and seeking to be taught by Philip. He wanted to learn but didn't understand.  (Acts 8:26-39)
  • We don't know everything, but God will help us understand and learn from those more knowledgable than us. 
  • Those who belong to God want to learn from Him and His Word. 



Remain Steadfast in What it Teaches

  • Be steadfast in the work of the Lord. Your labor is not in vain (1 Cor 15:58).
  • Life is always a work in progress but we need to find the salvation in Christ and stand on it. 


Refuse to Twist it to Fit our Purpose or Agenda

  • There is no way to the Father except through Jesus Christ (John 14:6; 1 John 5:12). Christians are exclusive because Jesus is exclusive. We should never twist this verse to accommodate culture.
  • We should not pick and choose verses in isolation to believe and disregard others: Rom 10:9-10 vs Acts 2:38 or both?