Avoid and Shun Wrong

 “Let everyone who names the name of Christ  depart from iniquity”  (cf. 2 Tim 2:15–19).



Shun, Run Away From, Avoid:

1. Profanity

Col 4:6; Eph 4:29. If you speak profanity it's from your heart, therefore it reveals that you are a profane person.


2. Idleness

If a person does not work, they do not eat (2 Thess 3:6–15). 


3. Because More Ungodliness Follows

Psalm 1. More ungodliness follows. Sin is not just a mistake or error in judgement. It is a serious cause for separation from God. Sin is costly.


4. Because Influences Spread

It influences us to sin more and it influences others too.