Making Adjustments: New Testament Examples


God has always asked His people to make adjustments in order to follow Him. We don't always understand why He wants us to make certain adjustments — but one day, with wisdom, we will.


1. Joseph and Mary

The earthly parents of the Son of God certainly had to rethink and adjust their life to fit this circumstance (Luke 1:26–38). Mary never expected to have a child then and especially not one that appeared to be improper. Joseph found out that the woman he intended to marry was pregnant. He tried to divorce her to avoid embarrassment but God told him to stay with her and he did.  For the child was from the Spirit and Mary had not sinned. Both of them has to adjust their lives around the fact that they were raising the Son of God.



2. The Apostles

Jesus interrupted the ordinary lives of 12 men and called them to follow Him (Mark 3:13–19). They had to make adjustments: leaving their father to manage the fishing business, leaving mothers and wives and children. They became homeless with the Son of God to learn and teach the world.



3. The First Christians

Peter preached to thousands in the city of Jerusalem on Pentecost. He, through the Spirit, called them to repent and be baptized (Acts 2:38). About 3000 of them made the adjustment (Acts 2:41).