Deacon Qualifications

 The Work of a Deacon is to serve the church.



  1. Reverent, Respectful  (1 Tim 3:8) — a deacon serves in the ministry of Christ. Humility is necessary.
  2. Not Doubletongued  (1 Tim 3:8) — able to be truthful in all their activities. They're a consistent person wherever they are.
  3. Not Given to Much Wine   (1 Tim 3:8)  — disciplined in his personal life (i.e. alcohol). God commands kings and princes to abstain (leaders), wine is for the sick (Prov 31).
  4. Not Greedy for Dishonest Gain   (1 Tim 3:8)  — not seeking gain. Their priority must be service.
  5.   Hold the Mystery of Faith with a Clear Conscience   (1 Tim 3:9)  — able to hold onto the faith without compromise.
  6.  Tested and Found Blameless   (1 Tim 3:10)  — they will be examined and held accountable.
  7.   Wife Reverent, Not a Gossiper/Slanderer, Self-Controlled, and Faithful  (1 Tim 3:11)
  8. Husband of One Wife   (1 Tim 3:12) 
  9. Ruling/Managing His House Well   (1 Tim 3:12) — wife and children respect and honor him. 

Philippian Generosity

Deacon Appreciation Day


  • Service is not about comparing ourselves to ourselves, others, the culture, or the world around us (2 Cor 10:12).
  • Service is comparing ourselves with the Standard, the Bible as we look into the mirror of God's Word (Rom 12:1-2).


Key Points 

  1. Sometimes we love and cannot show that love because there is a lack of opportunity to serve (Phil 4:10-13).
  2. When the church at Phillipi had the chance, they served as often as they could (Phil 4:14-18).
  3. Anytime we share our love and appreciation: God sees and responds with supply for us and for others through us (Phil 4:19-20).