2 Pet 2:5–10

Godliness Defined

  1. Having a great reverence for God characterized by a Godward attitude and a Godward devotion. 
  2. Thinking, speaking, living, being like God


Godliness Illustrated

  1. Noah found favor before God, was righteous and blameless in his generation (Gen 6:8-9).
  2. Abraham trusted in God and it was counted to him as righteousness (Gen 15:6). 
  3. Moses spoke to God as he would a friend - this required Godliness (Exod 33:11).
  4. David was gentle and faithful and had a heart like God (1 Sam 13, 17). 
  5. Mary was submissive and serving (Luke 10:42).
  6. Jesus was selfless and he was one with God.