ARMing Our Children (Pt. 2)


Children need a firm determination to live life as they should (1 Cor 15:58). 



Our children need to be taught to show gratitude and respect when they are served (Eph 6:1–3).  But this respect has to be modeled by the parents  and not only “told.” Arm ourselves to arm them for life.



2 Cor 4:8-18. Children look to parents, family, and role models to see how they handle life situations especially whether we do it in a Christian way. When we succeed in Christian resilience then children see that they can too.



When Peter lopped off the ear of Malchus he failed to show restraint (John 18:10–11). James and John sought the destruction of a city after they rejected Jesus (Luke 9:54). Jesus, in both instances, commanded restraint.

Our children need to know when to act and when to restrain themselves. Sometimes we should speak and other times keep silent.