ARMing Our Children (Pt. 3)

Rom 13:10-14; 1 Pet 4:1; Eph 6:10-11; Luke 2:52



  • Luke 2:52. We need to do more than just sit around and be idle.
  • We need physical and spiritual muscle and we strengthen these by challenging ourselves to grow stronger.
  • We need muscle in our emotions: appropriate strength, appropriate sensitivity, and appropriate humor.
  • We need social strength: how to act around people and how to behave when our parents or spouse aren't there. 



How to sit and stand and act in public. How to behave in everyday life.



Heb 5:12.

ARMing Our Children (Pt. 2)


Children need a firm determination to live life as they should (1 Cor 15:58). 



Our children need to be taught to show gratitude and respect when they are served (Eph 6:1–3).  But this respect has to be modeled by the parents  and not only “told.” Arm ourselves to arm them for life.



2 Cor 4:8-18. Children look to parents, family, and role models to see how they handle life situations especially whether we do it in a Christian way. When we succeed in Christian resilience then children see that they can too.



When Peter lopped off the ear of Malchus he failed to show restraint (John 18:10–11). James and John sought the destruction of a city after they rejected Jesus (Luke 9:54). Jesus, in both instances, commanded restraint.

Our children need to know when to act and when to restrain themselves. Sometimes we should speak and other times keep silent. 

ARMing Our Children (Pt. 1)


Children need to recognize, acknowledge, and accept authority. They must recognize the authority of God and others over them. They must recognize the authority of God (2 Tim 3:16–17).



We are accountable to one another and ultimately to God (2 Cor 5:10). We are also accountable to the authorities God put into place (Rom 13:1-7). Every day we need to take an account of who we are. Our children need to remember that they are accountable for their choices.  You will reap what you sow — you have to account for your actions.


Acceptance, Approval, and Appreciation

Our children need to know that we accept and love them just as God loved His Son (John 3:16–17). This does not mean we accept and approve their sin, for sin is opposed to God.



Our children need answers to life's questions, about making right choices. They need answers from someone who loves them, trusts them, and will tell them the truth. If the answers don't come from us or from God's Word they will go to their friends and the Internet.