The Greatest of All Nights


  • There are many great nights mentioned in the Bible
  • Some are laden with Tradegy and others with Hope

1. The Greatest of All Nights

  1. Joseph and Mary held a great secret. 
  2. This SECRET was revealed when they traveled to Bethlehem. 
  3. -> The NIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS had arrived. 
  4. -> Jesus was to be born (Gal 4:4) 

2. The Savior of the World was Born

  1. The PLAN OF SALVATION became needed when man sinned in the GARDEN of EDEN. 
  2. God uses many great people to bring this fulfillment: Abraham, David, Isaiah, others. 

3. God Used Many People in This Plan

  1. JEWS - a covenant people
  2. GREEKS - a common language
  3. ROMANS - a time of peace for the Prince of Peace

4. The Two Groups that Participated in the Greatest Night

  1. Angels
  2. Shepherds

poor shepherds visited Jesus. His association with the poor shows how approachable he was to every person.

 Conclusion: Mary and Joseph were Dedicated to God

  • Truly Jesus was born a FLESHLY BIRTH that you and I can be born a ROYAL BIRTH. 
  • Do you need to be born again? (John 3:3-5)