Fully Committed to God's Word (Pt. 2)

If we are not committed to God's word (=the Bible), how can we say we are committed to Him?


1. God's Word Saves Us (2 Tim 3:18) 

  • Without God's word we could not know how to be saved.
  • Only the Bible provides rules for life and living: how to please God. 


2. God's Word Disciplines Us (2 Tim 3:16) 

  • The word can instruct us and correct us when we need it. 


3. God's Word Empowers Us (2 Tim 3:17) 

  • It equips us for good works.
  • Reading about Jesus empowers us to know how to live righteously. 

4. God's Word Motivates Us (2 Tim 4:2) 

  • Preach God's word at all times.
  • Don't let the season determine the preaching. 

Fully Committed to God's Word

Rom 10:17


When we are fully committed to Jesus, we will be committed to the Bibl e.


  1. Jesus was committed to God's Word (Matt 4)  — to defend the truth and convict the devil.
  2. Paul was committed to God's Word  (Eph 6:10) — consider his exposition of the Armor of God. His Word is part of our armor to fight against the darkness and the Enemy.
  3. Too Few Christians are Dressed for Life  (Gal 3:27) — how can we know righteous living or know what is sin unless we know God's Word?
  4. The Word  of God has Always been Powerful  (Gen 1:3) — God created the world and will take it away with his Word.


It is impossible for someone to be fully committed to Jesus and not be committed to his teachings and the Bible. 

Fully Committed to Jesus Christ

Acts 20:16–24

 What are you committed to and how much are you committed to it?

  • For some people, it takes a lot to become committed to taking care of responsibilities. The utility company has to knock at their door, threatening to shut off the power, before they are motivated to pay their bill.
  • Jesus is fully committed to the truth of the Gospel and his people in the church. He was committed to his death. Are we?