Fully Committed to God's Word (Pt. 2)

If we are not committed to God's word (=the Bible), how can we say we are committed to Him?


1. God's Word Saves Us (2 Tim 3:18) 

  • Without God's word we could not know how to be saved.
  • Only the Bible provides rules for life and living: how to please God. 


2. God's Word Disciplines Us (2 Tim 3:16) 

  • The word can instruct us and correct us when we need it. 


3. God's Word Empowers Us (2 Tim 3:17) 

  • It equips us for good works.
  • Reading about Jesus empowers us to know how to live righteously. 

4. God's Word Motivates Us (2 Tim 4:2) 

  • Preach God's word at all times.
  • Don't let the season determine the preaching.