Little Things (Mark 12:41–44)

Mark 12:41-44

  • God alone can measure the value of the gifts we give in relation to what we have.
  • Although the women gave something very small it was the percent that mattered.
  • If you have something: God expects you to give something.

Water to Wine (John 2)

  • He did the little thing that mattered.

Care for Little Children (Matt 18)

  • Heart like a child
  • Be great by doing little things.

Five Little Loaves (Matt 14)

  • Five little loaves and two fish were not enough to feed thousands of people.
  • Jesus, however was able to make much of little.

A Little Step

  • The longest journey begins with one small step.

Jesus Let it Go

“Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead” (Phil 3:13-14). 


We Have to Let it Go Because... 

  1. What lies behind cannot be changed, corrected, or manipulated (Matt 27:3-10) — Judas regretted what he had done, tried to give back the money, they wouldn't take it, and so he hung himself.
  2. What lies ahead is too precious to be affected by our holding on and looking back   (2 Tim 4:6–8)
  3. Our victory in Jesus depends on it   (1 Cor 9:24)  
  4. What other choice do we have?   (Luke 9:57–62) — holding to the past just slows us down. Such a person who looks back is not fit for the kingdom of a God. 

Jesus Said Yes — Will We? (pt. 2)

Will You Serve Others?

  • Mark 5:21–43
  • Jesus served others will you?
  • He didn't refuse even when asked.  


 Will You Share What You Have? 

  • Matt 15:32–38
  • Jesus shared the 7 loaves and a few fish with over 4000 people.


Will You Pray? 

  • Luke 11:1–4
  • Jesus taught them to pray. 


Will You Sacrifice? 

  • Jesus willingly gave himself so that we might live through him.


Jesus Said Yes — Will We? (pt. 1)

When Jesus's mother asked him to turn water into wine he said yes (John 2:1–5).


Jesus Said Yes

  • To what is good, purposeful, and helpful. 
  • To challenges, sufferings, and trials. 


Sometimes He Says No

  • Jesus always says no to sin. 
  • He said no to the people who turned the Temple into a den of theives. 


What About Us? 

  • Will we do what we can with what we have? 
  • Will we help each other? 
  • Will you say yes to Jesus?